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In elementary school, I was the go-to origami note-passer and playground match-maker. I got a kick out of helping make people make connections that made their day.


Now I do the same thing, but the notes I pass are digital and matchmaking happens when I develop world-class talent for Google.


In 2014, my dog (Lexi) and I moved from Dallas to San Francisco where I joined Google to build and lead recruiting teams that hired global talent across data science and engineering. My work evolved into a strategic operations role for Google products.


After we have hired the best, how do we keep them and empower them to have a healthy disregard for the impossible? How do you build a successful team? My focus is now on organizational design and effectiveness, talent management, and executive coaching - all through a lens of equity and inclusion. As a 20% project, I founded Google's first LatinX+ mentorship program: La Conexión

In my free time, I have embraced my newfound love for street fairs and Lexi's preference for lazy Sundays in the park. You'll find me at the symphony, at a museum, catching cocktail hour, or playing the piano. I am also a Guinness World Record holder.

I've Always Loved Bringing People Together

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